Tired of Forgetting Your Login Information?

Hate Waiting for Your Password to be Emailed to You?

LoginRecall lets you retrieve ANY  user name or password in seconds. 

Never lose, forget, or reset ANY user name or password ever again!  

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LoginRecall with InvisiCrypt technology is NOT an online service or a computer program. It is an invaluable solution that makes your encrypted login information virtually impossible for anyone to find or decipher but easy enough for you to retrieve in seconds. LoginRecall makes it easy and InvisiCrypt keeps it secure.

InvisiCrypt is the same technology used by the U.S. Military combined with digital invisible ink. LoginRecall makes any digital text encrypted and invisible.

  • One time fee of $7.99
  • No installation or registration required
  • Retrieve, add, edit and synchronize your login information from any device in seconds
  • Your info is NEVER requested, stored or displayed with ANY website or on ANY computer
  • Your login info is protected even if your computing device is lost, stolen or crashes
  • Unlimited amount of login information
  • Easy-to-use-downloadable guide tells all

A stranger could literally stand over your shoulder while you’re using LoginRecall and would have NO IDEA what your info means or where to find it.


Who Needs LoginRecall?

  • anyone who has ever clicked “forgot password?” or “forgot user name?”
  • anyone that prays the “little dots” will already be in the password bar when trying to log in
  • anyone who uses the Net with more than one device
  • anyone who accesses the Net in a public place or on a public connection (WiFi)
  • anyone who has had his laptop/tablet lost or stolen

The Problem With Current Solutions:

Online Sites:

  1. password sites are high targets for hackers
  2. one website has all of your info
  3. website can track your online activity
  4. monthly service fees can be expensive


Software Programs:

  1. if your device is lost or stolen your info is exposed
  2. some programs track your online activity
  3. difficult to synchronize info with your other devices


Why LoginRecall is the Best Solution Available:

  1. All 3 components (website, user name, password) are encrypted and written in invisible digital
    ink (InvisiCrypt technology) NOT just user name and password
  2. Retrieve your information without divulging any of your info to ANY website or service
  3. Complete anonymity
  4. Your online activity is NEVER recorded
  5. Your login info is NOT stored anywhere on ANY device
  6. Some services and programs cost up to $199. LoginRecall is just a one time fee of $7.99
  7. No tech support required
  8. Synchronizes instantly so that ANY of your devices can retrieve



LoginRecall Makes Your Online Life Easier
and More Secure. Download Your How-To Guide Now.

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